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Shop Your Closet While Packing

Preparing for travels can be a fun, exciting and sometimes stressful time.  Figuring out all the details and ensuring that you have all of your essentials packed, work complete and that the house in order the night before your flight out-of-town.  

Take the time to organize your wardrobe and ask yourself a few questions about your trip and destination.  This will help streamline the packing process.  You are sure to find a few hidden gems tucked away in your closet.

What is the weather?

Always check the weather a few days before your scheduled date of departure.  There is no need to pack that big bulky sweater, if the weather is going to be 80 degrees.  Are you planning to travel to a warm, cold or tropical climate?

How long is the trip?

Are you jet setting for a quick weekend trip or two weeks international trip? If you are planning a quick weekend trip, try to fit everything into a small carry on bag. Think less is more!  Packing for an international long trip consider the weather first, then what activities will you be participating.  Will you be going on daily hikes with tons of walking? Comfort will be your best friend. Pack those flats.  

What have you not worn?

Many of us have closets full of clothing.  Some items which we have only worn once or not at all.  You may just discover a beautiful outfit waiting to be worn.

Sticking to a color palette

Try to stick with a color palette.  That way you can mix and match outfits.  Great strategy to pack essentials, pair and complement your outfit.

Try on clothes

I believe this is the most important.  Try on your outfits before you pack.  No need to overload and pack unnecessary items.  Just think traveling around New York City or Europe, lugging your suitcase up flights of steps.

Remember to roll your clothes and only pack items that are essential for the destination you are traveling and time frame.   


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