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Denim Overalls are in Season

Overalls can be worn all year and all ages.  They are always comfortable and always in style!  Seasons are changing.  I am excited to watch the trees change color and the leaves fall to the ground, creating a picturesque scene.  Fall also sets for new fashion trends appear.  We look forward to leather jackets, velvet boots and distressed denim.  Layering fabrics to create levels and combining winter and summer styles.

Custom-overalls khalila-white-kwhitecollection

Style: Overalls Dress

Pattern: Kwik Sew K4138

Fabric: Lightweight Denim

Sewing: Machine

Project Time: 4 hours

Destination: Brunch

pockets-Custom-overalls khalila-white

Custom-overalls khalila-white

back-Custom-overalls khalila-white

An Overall dress is a perfect mix of casual chic style.  This dress can be worn to brunch as well as a casual day at work and paired with heels or loafers.

I love this pattern because it offered the option to add pockets, which are always a bonus!  My overalls were sewn using Kwik Sew pattern K4138 and denim material.  The pattern offered straightforward directions and was simple to sew.

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