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Greetings!  I am Khalila White a style and sewing enthusiast.   At the age of seven, I fell in love with sewing and designing clothing items.  My first projects were learning to sew hair scrunchies and pillows.   Since then, I have taken sewing classes at G Street Fabrics, sewed my prom dress, started a handbag line and taught sewing classes.

While attending University, I participated in fashion shows, by creating and marketing custom handbags.  After graduation, I began to host trunk shows at local boutiques and restaurants to showcase and sell my collection of bags.  After a few years of designing, sewing and marketing my line of bags, I decided to explore fashion and culture overseas and gain some inspiration.

Malaga, Spain was my destination for one school year, where I taught English at a Primary School.  On my free time, I took the opportunity to connect with locals in Spain, travel around Europe and Northern Africa, and learn about their culture and fashions.    I absolutely loved my experience abroad and definitely recommend immersing oneself and learning from other cultures.  After returning to the US, I began teaching sewing classes to students’ and adults.

I love seeing youth creating their own clothing to showcase to their friends and family and their excitement for sewing. I now teach sewing workshops to kids, teens & adults.

K.White Collection Blog is a space where I create wearable garments, DIY projects, crafts and share style & sewing tips.  I hope you enjoy the blog, leave a comment and subscribe !

Blessings & Love,